About Me

Yvonne Wang, China


Hi, I'm Xuetong Wang (Yvonne)!

I am a second-year grad student majoring Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. Currently, I am actively seeking product/UX design full-time opportunities!

As a student who harbors ardent enthusiasm for human-computer interaction, I am passionate about creating products of optimal user experience and enduring appeal to serve human needs. 

As a youth who holds the strong curiosity for the unknown, I am enthusiastic about exploring how the technology, human and design come together to change the world. 

Something I do to make myself look cool

  • Journals
    I have insisted on keeping journals for over 7 years since my junior high school. I enjoy keeping an account for every single day in my life, especially when traveling or special days.

  • Collages
    As an avid movie fan, making collage is a unique way to express my feelings once I see a movie that touches my heart.


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